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ISSN: 2663-0419 (electronic version)

ISSN: 2218-8754 (print version)

International scientific journal

ISSN: 2663-0419 (electronic version)

ISSN: 2218-8754 (print version)

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Tectonics and minerageny of the Garabagh and East Zangazur (southeastern end of the Lesser Caucasus, Azerbaijan)

Kangarli T.N.

Ministry of Science and Education of the Republic of Azerbaijan, Institute of Geology and Geophysics, Azerbaijan 119 H.Javid Ave., Baku,  AZ1143:


DOI: 10.33677/ggianas20240100111



The paper is devoted to tectonics, as well as formation and distribution regularities of various types of minerals within the Garabagh and East Zangazur economic regions (components of the Garabagh historical-geographical region of Azerbaijan), territorially confined to the southeastern margin of the Lesser Caucasus mountain-fold system. It is shown that tectonically the region belongs to the southeastern segment of the Artvin-Garabagh uplift (megazone), consisting of Lok-Garabagh, Goycha-Hakari and Gafan secondary structural zones and plunging northeast and southeastwards under recent continental molasses of the Middle Kur and Lower Araz superimposed depressions. It is noted that various types of metallic (ore) and non-metallic minerals are developed in the region. Minerageny of the metallic minerals characterizes geological regularities of the formation and distribution of various types of the ore minerals within the structure of metallogenic zones (corresponding to the same-named tectonic zones of the Artvin-Garabagh megazone) and ore districts of the region. Metallogenic zones were distinguished on the basis of tectonic-geodynamic zoning, geological evolution history and genetic types of the known ore deposits, and the ore bearing potential of separate geological formations within the Lesser Caucasus system. Minerageny of the non-metallic mineral deposits reflects the revealed placement and occurrence regularities of various non-metallic raw materials during the certain periods of geological evolution. The potential for increasing the list of industrially significant deposits is determined by numerous manifestations of ore and non-metallic mineral raw materials.

Lesser Caucasus, Garabagh and East Zangazur economic regions, tectonic zoning, minerageny, metallogenic zone, ore district, metallic (ore) and non-metallic (non-metallife­rous) minerals



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DOI: 10.33677/ggianas20240100111