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ISSN: 2663-0419 (electronic version)

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International scientific journal

ISSN: 2663-0419 (electronic version)

ISSN: 2218-8754 (print version)

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Biomarkers of Naftalan oil

Guliyev I.S.1, Huseynov D.A.2, Martynova G.S.2, Maksakova O.P.2, Zeinalov S.G.2

1 Presidium of the Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences, Azerbaijan 30, Istiglaliyyat str., Baku, AZ1001

2 Ministry of Science and Education of the Republic of Azerbaijan, Institute of Geology and Geophysics 119, H. Javid Ave., Baku, Azerbaijan, AZ1143:


DOI: 10.33677/ggianas20240100113 





The results of a study using chromatography-mass spectrometry of Naftalan oil: medicinal (I-II horizon), fuel (III-IV horizon) and used for medicinal purposes during a year in the Naftalan health center in order to determine hydrocarbon and biomarker compositions are presented. Terpanes (191), steranes (m/z 217), hopanes (m/z 191) and adamantanoids (m/z 135, 136, 149, 163) were identified for the first time in Naftalan oil. It was noted that medicinal oil contains approximately 4 times more biomarkers than fuel oil (7.6%; 1.6%, respectively). As a result of a comparative analysis of biomarker indicators of medicinal and fuel Naftalan oil, carried out on a biodegradation scale, it was shown that medicinal Naftalan oil belongs to the biodegraded oil type B-1, stage I-II, with a moderate degree of biodegradation, and fuel Naftalan oil belongs to the chemical type A2, which is typical for oils with a low degree of biodegradation – stage I. Based on the decrease of biomarkers in the composition of Naftalan oil, used throughout the year for treatment, a conclusion was made about their possible participation in the balneological process. Judging by the geochemical parameters, medicinal and fuel oil has the same genesis.

Naftalan oil, geochemistry, hydrocarbon composition, biomarkers, gas chromatography-mass spectrometry



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DOI: 10.33677/ggianas20240100113